Solar Panel Installers

Photovoltaic energy is a type of renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting energy that can be produced in facilities ranging from small generators for self-consumption in the residential sector to large photovoltaic plants
for industries.

From MLG Electrosolar we study, design, install and maintain any type of photovoltaic installation (self-consumption with or without excellent compensation, isolated or for pumping), according to the energy needs of our clients using our professionals and the best brands on the market, Being able to guarantee an adequate after-sales and maintenance service.

What Is Self-Consumption?

Self -consumption of electricity allows any person or company to produce renewable electricity for their own consumption by installing photovoltaic solar panels and other renewable generation systems in their homes, premises or community of neighbors. 

Part of the electricity consumption is covered with the energy generated by the self-consumption installation, which means direct savings on the electricity bill, less dependence on changes in electricity prices and lower consumption of fossil energy, which contributes to reducing polluting emissions into the atmosphere. 

Types Of Installations

Depending on the use of the photovoltaic installation, the technical characteristics will be different.

At MLG Electrosolar we are specialized in INDUSTRIAL Installations

Installation Of Solar Panels



Neighbor Communities

College Installation

Installation Dealer

Renewable Energy Benefits



Photovoltaic energy is clean and environmentally friendly, it does not cause pollution. It is renewable, we will always have the sun. These facilities help us fight climate change.



Photovoltaic installations are easy to install, can be done quickly and without impact on the client's activity. In addition, the maintenance to be carried out is minimal and the costs are low.


Cost Effectiveness

From the first moment you reduce the consumption of your electricity supply, seeing a considerable reduction in the electricity bill. In addition, by law, the excess energy produced by your installation will be compensated.



In addition to being able to sell the energy produced that you do not consume, you can take advantage of some of the programs promoted by public entities with which you can get a subsidy to carry out the installation.

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