Solar panels in Almería

Solar Panels In Almería For Individuals And Companies

Why install solar panels in Almería? Installing solar energy photovoltaic panels in Almería is profitable. Surely you have already read that “photovoltaic panels are only profitable in the tropics”. So in Almería, it is better to forget… ». However, Almería enjoyed more than 3,000 hours of sunshine last year. And with so much sun, solar modules can save you up to 50% on your electricity bill. Almería and the entire community of Andalusia is the most profitable in Spain in residential self-consumption. Installing solar panels in Almería allows us to cover our energy needs, saving up to 80% on our electricity bill. To install solar panels, simply contact our installation company, who will take care of the entire installation process for both individuals and companies. We carry out installations of solar panels in Almería capital, Roquetas de Mar, El Ejido, Almerimar and the entire province. How can this be done? All you need is a roof that is not facing north and has a 35º slope. In this case, its photovoltaic panels will generate up to 4,200 kilowatt hours per year. Contrary to what you may have heard, a solar installation is therefore profitable anywhere in Spain. And yes, photovoltaic panels are not only efficient in southern countries. The proof: Germany, although further north, is the largest solar market in the European Union.

Install Photovoltaic Solar Panels In Your House In Almería

Almería is one of the provinces with the highest electricity consumption in Spain. This incentive is essential to be able to enjoy the basic services of a home. Thanks to the energy generated by the sun, we can generate free electricity in our homes through solar panels. This energy is completely safe and can be used immediately or sold to a distributor. With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Almería is one of the cities with the most hours of sunshine. In addition, the predominance of chalets, single-family houses and neighborhood communities has opened the door for many families to start producing their own energy and thus reduce energy consumption from the network.

How To Install Solar Panels?

The installation of solar panels must be carried out by a certified installation company. The company is in charge of the entire process, from the installation of panels and access permits to the subsidy and contracting with a new solar distributor at a rate. When we install solar panels, we have to calculate the energy that we are going to consume ourselves as well as the excess energy (the amount that we pour into the network). This will allow us to calculate how many solar panels we will need for our home. Therefore, since the residual sale price is lower than the energy purchase price, our installation must be capable of generating more energy than it consumes.

The Price Of Solar Panels In Almería: How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels In Almería?

The estimated cost of installing solar panels for a home in Almería, taking into account a typical 5 kW installation, will be around €1,400 + VAT per kW of electricity installed . This budget includes all the prices of the components of the photovoltaic system necessary for self-consumption, both panels and solar inverters and wiring and installation costs. (In each case a personalized study will be carried out).

How Much Can I Save With My Installation Of Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels in Almería will allow us to save between 60% and 70% on our electricity bill, so we can spread our investment between 6 and 11 years depending on the aid available at the time of the application. Investing in the installation of solar panels in our houses will bring us between €1 and €1.2 for each € invested in the installation for 25 years. This means that for an investment of €7,000 we not only recover our investment, but we also save another €7,000. When we install solar panels, it is very important to think about the benefits that we can obtain in the long term. In many cases, a larger capacity facility will mean a slower return on investment but also greater savings over 25 years. Photovoltaic installations have a useful life of more than 30 years.

Subsidies For The Installation Of Solar Panels In Almería

Thanks to the promotion of renewable energies, there are subsidies that will allow us to save up to 30% on the total cost of the installation. This assistance can be requested by the installation company with the client’s permission, or directly by the client. There are two main types of subsidies, some apply a discount on the installation price, while others partially subsidize IBI and ICIO taxes. These aids are exclusive, so we have to choose the one that is most beneficial for us.

Solar Energy In Almería: Types Of Solar Panel Installations

In Almería we find many different types of homes where solar panels can be installed. Here are the most common solar panels for installation:

Single Family Home

The installation of solar panels in single-family homes in Almería is one of the simplest and fastest single-installation models. The owners of this type of accommodation will be able to complete the installation in 3 weeks from the budget request. In addition, these homes have large roofs to cover their energy needs once installed.

Neighbor Communities

The installation of solar panels in neighborhood communities and buildings will allow us to save both in the energy consumption of common areas and of each individual. In these cases, the available area of ​​our roof will mark the savings that our neighbors will have on their electricity bill. To carry out these installations, authorization from the community of owners is required before the installation begins.


Companies usually have a large deck area on which to proceed with the installation. In addition, business hours usually coincide with solar production hours, which will allow you to save more on the electricity bill in this type of facility.

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